So, what's your Mission?

The Research University (TRU) is not about the career trajectory, but the true mission behind it” - Professor Freedom Cheteni

TRU’s highest purpose is to empower and inspire its populi discover life missions with personal meaning and global impact.

TRU is committed to developing the intellectual capacity, creativity, and professionalism of its members, immersing them in the rich diversity of human experience and aspiration. As a result, TRU members are prepared to shape the future of our world while adding to the knowledge base of humankind.

Higher Education

The age of complexity has begun. The frequency with which graduates change careers now requires advanced learning at unpredictable periods throughout an individual’s life.

In the early 21st century, information is ubiquitous and immediately referenceable, TRU recognizes that the role of the university as society’s keeper of information has changed. TRU membership is by invitation or nomination.

Corporate Partnerships

Traditional disciplines have converged and splintered into new areas of study at an unprecedented rate, and the integration of digital tools for data analysis has altered the landscape of every academic department. Corporations are best positioned to inform institutions on what a TRU education could look like.

TRU Admission Process 

  • The Research University recruits scholars to come to TRU rather than requiring them to apply. The lengthy application process is replaced by email, phone call etc
  • To find candidates, recruitment officers at TRU match a rigorous, “age-blind” open nomination process with a rotating pool of expert nominators and an anonymous review board. The board cycles annually to ensure that the process is fair and the quality of invitees is high.
  • The impact on high school education and college preparation is profound: TRU scholars and teachers alike shift focus away from test performance and on to following personal mission and showing evidence of impact.

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